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RRB NTPC (28-04-16) 1st,2nd,3rd shift GK,aptitude and reasoning Questions

RRB NTPC (28-04-16) 1st,2nd,3rd shift GK Questions 

We have given RRB NTPC 28th April, 2016 1st,2nd,3rd Shift Question papers along with answers are available here.

we will also update aptitude and reasoning questions on our site and here you can checkout shift 1, shift 2 and shift 3 questions of RRB NTPC GK Exam.

RRB NTPC (28-04-16) 1st,2nd,3rd shift GK Questions

1. What is study of soil called as?

A: Pedology

2) Who is chairman of human rights commission?

A: HL Dattu

3) What are number of balls in snooker?


4) Who is president of south Asian wrestling federation?

A: Mr. Brijbhushan Sharan

5) In which year Aryabhatta was launched?

A: 1975

6) While raining a type of smell comes known as ______.


7) a-b=5,a+b=31 then ab=?


8) Pakistani cricket umpir which has been bbanned for 5 years?

A: Asad rauf

9) Delhi is made capital in which year?

A: 1911

10) Sin@ – cos@ =0 then (sin6 @ + cos6@) = ?


11) tan0 tan1 tan3… Tan89 ?


12) World vanya prandi day?

A:6th october

13) who is the opposition leader in rajya sabha?


14) How many official languages in India according to constitution?


15) Anshu gupta who received raman megsaysay award is a official to which NGO company?


16) Animal protection day is on _____.


 RRB NTPC (28-04-2016) 2nd Shift GK Questions

1)google tied up with which watch company for smart watch ?


2) IRC satellite for which purpose ?


3) Rakesh Sharma was going to which yan aboard ?

A: Soyuz T-11

4) 1st CW game established in ______.

A: Hamilton

5) What is output when methane gas is burnt? Co2 ,CO ,h20 etc


6)  Which is World’s first cashless country?

A: Sweden.

7) Atom with the largest diameter________.


8) Indian Hockey team won in the Olympic in which year_______ .


10) Clouds float in the sky because of their ______.

A: Low Density.

11) .Who among the following was a cofounder of Swaraj party?

A:Motilal Nehru

12) Real founder of Gupta dynasty?

A:Chandragupta 1

13) .Gautam Buddha’s first sermon?


14) Godavari doesn’t pass through which if the following states?


15) .Science that deals with diseases particularly of men?


16) Alassane Ouattara is _____.

A: President of Ivory Coast

17) Malaysian flag has how many line between two symbols? (18,19,21)


18) Worlds highly efficient CEO according to FORBES?
19) MS EXCEL has a function containing menu under menu called ______.


20) IPCC full form is ______.

A: intergovernmental penal on climate change

21) Which element in given options has highest atomic mass?

a) bromine b)chlorine c)fluorine d)iodine

A: iodine


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